Diannaek | In the end, we are all stories
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In the end, we are all stories


I might be too idealistic for this world but I believe in beautiful stories and happy endings. I believe in dreams and the fact that dreams can be achieved sooner or later if you set your objectives high enough and you work hard for them.

The most important thing in life is finding what you love and to always trust in yourself. People will tell you you are not good enough, that you don’t have what it takes, that you won’t succeed. Well, I prefer not to live by dogma which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. You are not defined by what other think of you. The critics will always be critics. Let them be.

Well when it comes to hard-work and perseverence I have one of the most relevant example: Ciprian Stanciu, the creative mind and the founder of @Atelier Cerbu is one of the most motivated young entrepreneurs I have ever met. He started his own business at the age of 25 from pure passion for mens fashion. So, he started creating bowties by himself and for almost one year he puts his heart into his work in order to deliver the best quality for his customers. His business expanded quickly due to the high quality of products but also due to Ciprian’s timeless style that is defined by elegance and simplicity.

Every human being has hundred of layers that are revealed during certain situations. We choose the way we act, we speak, the way we live. We choose the way we build our own life. And if you dream long enough you will actually be living your dream.

Everything is possible.

These beautiful pictures were taken by @TAG photography in a beautiful and sophisticated hotel in Strasbourg called Demeure M / Pavillon M.

  • Lucile
    Posted at 20:26h, 06 March Reply

    I really love your way of writing ! It is a beautiful article !

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